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You can never go wrong with the top roof racks for your car, especially if you’re looking to save some money on gas. Roof racks are an excellent way to maximize storage space, they come in all shapes and sizes, and there are literally hundreds of models available out there.

To help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve put together a guide with the top 10 best roof racks for your vehicle.

Best roof racks
Best Roof Racks

In this article, You’ll see

  • Top products & description
  • What makes roof racks so special
  • Some additional info juice like types, facts & special products

Types of Car Roof Racks

One of the best things about owning roof accessories is keeping your luggage safe and secure. A good car roof rack will do just that. When it comes to car roof racks, there are three major types:

Traditional Roof Rack: The traditional roof rack is used for transporting large and/or heavy objects. It’s usually installed on top of your vehicle, but can be placed at either the front or back.

Crossbar Type Roof Rack: The crossbar type roof rack is also referred to as a carrier rack. It’s a great option if you don’t have any heavy cargo to transport, but rather a lot of small or light stuff. Ease in using and is integrated into the vehicle itself makes it a standard choice.

Rooftop Rack: The rooftop rack is the most versatile and easiest to use roof rack for your vehicle. It’s usually installed in the middle of the car and is the most popular option. So, which one should you buy? Well, it really depends on what you need.

List of Top 10 Best Roof Racks

If you want to go out and worry about nothing in terms of the carriage then this would be the option for you to choose, you can go for the best roof racks to take care of your luggage and carry them to your destination without decreasing the room for you inside the car.

They are the racks of force that can carry anything of any weight if appropriately tied. Having a fascinating car rack on the rooftop of your vehicle makes it look gorgeous and beautify the beauty more of the car. 

  • Different car best roof racks have varying amounts of strength to send different items of varying intensity. But roof racks being the simplest are the hardest materials attached to a car.
  • Having the best roof racks on the rooftop of your vehicle makes it look gorgeous and beautify the beauty more of the car. Roof racks are the simplest accessory of a vehicle available in the market. Roof racks are completely trustable and durable.
  • It will increase the room or space inside the car or vehicle and will give the most proper comfortable position for a loose healthy trip. They are incredibly safe and trustable. The unbreakable bond that they sign is commendable.

Our Best Pick: Ego Bike Universal Roof Rack


Ego Bike Universal Roof Rack

Large, Sturdy & Noticeable roof rack for all rack buyers. According to specifications, pricing, life of product & most importantly product reviews, The Ego Bike Universal Roof Rack is one of the top standing roof rack from amazon.com

67" Universal Black Roof Rack Cargo with Extension Car Top Luggage Holder Carrier Basket Travel SUV
  • Easy to assemble and install: It can be easily installed on the crossbeam of the vehicle through 4 universal U-bolts. Suitable for all models, Such as GMC Jimmy, Jeep Cherokee, SUV, BMW, Pioneer, Honda, etc.
  • Heavy-duty steel structure: This roof rack basket is made of heavy-duty steel structure with powder coating, which is durable.
  • Fixed design: 6-inch high side rails keep the cargo in place. The metal mesh and side rails at the bottom can help you secure items while providing a lot of lashing points. Large capacity: Provides additional storage capacity of up to 250 pounds.
  • Warning: Never overload this rack! Though very durable, this external roof rack is not designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in case of an accident or rollover. Please remove the luggage rack before washing the car automatically. Accommodating square cross bars up to 3.75" wide x 1.875" thick or round bars up to 1.875" in diameter.
  • Extension design: The extension part is detachable, suitable for vehicles of any size, large or small. Overall Dimensions w/No Extension: (38"x43"x4"). Overall Dimension w/ Extension: (67"x38"x4") U-Bolt spacing: 1.875'' x 3.75".

Cargoloc Roof Top Rack

  • The best roof racks are a fascinating item in a car. It can carry any element on it if appropriately tied. The roof racks are charming, and if looked carefully, they beautify the beauty of a car.
  • Carlo’s best roof racks have a rigid aluminum covering the body, which has the ultimate strength to hold items. It is gorgeous in terms of looks and quickly hands able. It provides a warranty for a lifetime and is extremely durable and robust.
best roof racks

Roof racks are generally very affordable and straightforward. They can save a weight of up to 46 inches weight a little under 9 pounds. It is one which can carry 150 pounds, and this weight range is just too much if we look at the price. The design is straightforward, and the rails can be locked.


✔️ Extremely affordable

✔️ Can hold weights


❌ It can’t hold more than 150 pounds.

Apex Roof Rack

  • Apex best roof racks Entirely made of aluminum and are robust. No problem has faced in the case of loading the luggage. It is straightforward and robust.
  • The tracks are slightly overhung, but this won’t affect the usage or the weight carriage. This ranges in the top list of products. 
best roof racks for 2020

The best feature about it is it’s straightforward to install and use just a work of 10-15 minutes. It has been used as side rails that are 50 inches apart from each other. The weight capacity for this is 150 pounds, and If you are now worried about the price, it’s the cheapest among all.


✔️ Made of aluminum, do not get rusted

✔️ They are robust and durable

✔️ Easy to fit and fix


❌ Weight capacity is limited

Yakima Roof Rack

  • If you are looking for a top-quality hallmark product, then you are in the right place. The best roof racks that they use is easy to install, a one goes process but has lots of creativity to it.
  • The rails are hidden and can use as a mounted rack with no tracks, but for that mounting kit has to be installed. But looking at the stylist and pro-quality of the product, we can just give it a look.
yakima roof racks

YAKIMA brings the best roof racks product, which has a weight range of about 10-12 pounds. It is made up of extremely high-quality aluminum available and does not compromise with the price range.

It can hold 175 pounds of weight and is exceptionally durable. It is the most tested and hallmarked product in the market. 


✔️ The rack can use in several ways.

✔️ It can hold 175pounds of weight.


❌ No compromise with the price range

Sportrack Roof Rack

  • If you are looking for something which is very simple yet can be used to carry sports items easily like any ill-shaped item, then you are precisely at the right place.
  • This kind of best roof racks does not have or require roof rails or drilled attachment points.
roof rails

The frame simply attaches and makes it look like a door arch, and they have thick insulation, which helps not to affect the paint of the car. They are more substantial as it’s made up of steel but is very durable and robust.

They fit without rails, and the weight is around 11-16ibs. The installment is effortless and straightforward; anyone can make the payment at any time. 


✔️ Easy to install

✔️ Need no rails to get attached 


❌ The Rack is comparatively more substantial in weight.

Vault Cargo Universal Locking Roof Rack

  • Looking for something exciting and out of the box, then vault brings us the exciting best roof racks product which fits on rails of any type, may it be the traditional rails or modern solid rails. The look is very old fashioned and lovable.
  • The retro fashion look of the best roof racks makes it different from any others. It is something most durable, reliable, and the simplest one. The installment is effortless and straightforward; anyone can make the payment at any time.

The length is 56 inches but still is very lightweight due to its aluminum coating. It can hold 150 pounds of weight and is exceptionally durable. The universal fit makes it a fascinating product and different from others.

The product is very different from the products in the market in terms of looks. The racks are 34.6-49.5 apart from each other. Locking is possible in this product.


✔️ Has a universal fitting system

✔️ Lightweight 

✔️ Straightforward installation


❌ Rails gap may be a problem.

  • If features like extendable in some family time gathering excites you, then the EGO roof rack is the excellent choice for the best roof racks.
  • It is exceptionally durable and robust, and the metal construction with a simple mounting system makes it very simple in looks, and it uses 4bolts only.
  • The best roof racks can hold any item, even if it is the heaviest like a bike, or any ski equipment or luggage.

A cargo net or rack is just straightforward to go and secure, too, as these roof racks have nothing to be held on, so these simple straps have nothing to get wasted, so they are highly durable and robust. The height of the racks is 6-1/2”


✔️ The solid rack can hold the most cumbersome items.

✔️ Excellent aerodynamic performance has been shown.


❌ This only works to its capacity when a cargo net is arranged.

  • If you are looking for something most durable, reliable, and the simplest one, then the Arksen rooftop rack is the best choice in the market among the best roof racks.
  • The look is very old fashioned and lovable; the retro fashion look of the frame makes it different from any other.
  • The open basket looks with straps, and the net makes it very much secure and safe to use. It is a perfect choice for places with the dry sky almost the year.

It is effortless to install and use. It is a metal construction of length and width of 43” and 39” respectively. This rack carrier can be used and fitted on any car rooftop as it comes with the option of wearing it off when not in use. The small size makes it ideal for carrying and storage.


✔️ Very much strong ad durable

✔️ The design and look is ideal


❌ It is not ideal for all weather conditions.

  • It is also in the including of 100 bucks, yes if you are looking for something affordable, you can give this a look.
  • It only weights 9ibs due to its aluminum coating. It sounds fascinating, and it also has a locking system.

These rails are very much accessible and are easy to install and uses. The uploading and downloading of luggage are effortless in this type of track. The racks are fitted on side rails and are incredibly gorgeous in looks. The low price is a factor that keeps it different from others.


✔️ Meager price

✔️ The locking system has been introduced


❌ Not very durable

MaxxHaul 70115 46" x 36" x 4-1/2" Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier Steel Basket, Car Top Luggage Holder for SUV and Pick Up Trucks - 150 lb. Capacity
  • Instant cargo space for vehicle with cross bars; Basket size - 46" x 36" x 4-1/2"
  • Easy to assemble and install (assembly and mounting hardware are included)
  • Attaches to most cross bars with easy to use u-bolts for simple installation
  • Includes rubber caps to cover the U-bolts and protect the cargo
  • Powder coat finish

Top indexed question queries on best roof racks

What should I look for when buying a roof rack?

Thre are so many things you can carry on with but especially the below mentioned ones are sort of best choices to look out for!

So as to find out your perfect roof rack, you need to consider following points 👇
– Look at the Accessory Lineup and Product accessibility
– Check the price & product Support
– Check the Weight, Strength and Durability
– Check for the Pros and Cons

What can you put on roof racks?

Things you can fix on your roof racks seem like Roof Boxes, Surfboards and Sup Boards, Bike Racks, Racks for Kayaks, Winter Sport Racks, etc. Since once the roof rack is mounted on your vehicle, you can utilize it for a wide scope of payload relying upon your requirements

Are roof racks worth it?

Really, shortly saying, It may not come cheap, however, it’ll be worth buying roof rack cause imagine what in addition, roof rack brings to you. In fact, the roof rack is most likely an impressive choice for your vehicle yet before diving in more profound ensure that, you’ve done what’s a necessary exploration to guarantee that the roof rack you’re buying is of acceptable quality.

What size roof rack is best for my car?

Most roof racks are designed to work with specific vehicles, so it is advisable to check this before buying. If you want to buy a roof rack, make sure that it has both a quick-release mechanism and a locking system. It should also have a light bar, which helps you identify the roof rack in the dark.

Do roof racks help with gas mileage?

Yes, if you’re driving an SUV or a pickup truck then definitely roof racks do help with gas mileage. The reason is simple – they add extra cargo space, which makes your vehicle wider, thus increasing the aerodynamic properties. These aerodynamic properties in turn decrease wind resistance, which improves your gas mileage.

Final Words: Best Roof Racks for Your Car

If you want to get the most out of your car, you need to have the best roof rack. After all, it’s a must-have accessory if you want to keep your vehicle safe and secure while traveling. You’ll be surprised how many people overlook this crucial feature, but it’s the best thing you can do to improve your car’s safety and ensure that it gets maximum cargo space.

Every roof top is unique in its way. All the products of the best roof racks have their negativity and positivity. The best-suited roof rack is the one that meets the needs that you desire for it. Check all the above products and identify the one for you.

If you’re not sure which roof rack is right for you, the best roof racks for all types of vehicles will definitely be of help. If you’re looking for more information on the best roof rack for your SUV, here’s a great guide on the best roof racks for SUV.

But if you’re looking for something more compact and easier to install, check out the rooftop racks section.

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