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  • As people are fond of traveling to new places, and for that mostly they prefer cars. When we plan to go for any trip or camping, then the first thing which we have to make sure that we have enough space to fit the luggage.
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Best Camping Cargo Box
  • Many people prefer to look for a new camping cargo box suitable for different vehicle types to fit their luggage easily. 

Let’s see more about the camping cargo box in detail,

  • Choosing the best camping cargo box is one of the individual decisions, Still, any list of options surely helps in packing and traveling for your camping easier and enjoyable.

Yakima Showcase Rooftop Cargo Box

  • The showcase has the dimensions of 823816.75 inches. The net weight of the showcase is 70 pounds. The showcase is designed with a clean, high-gloss modern style. The showcase has a gear capacity of approx of 4 people.
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It has a total free install and removal facility, and it can easily open from both sides. It is perfectly suited for everyday urban traverses and short road trips.


✔️ Dual Side Opening.

✔️ Internal Lid Stiffeners


❌ Lifting and Balancing

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

  • Yakima skybox carbonite cargo box is designed to reduce drag and wind noise to make you free from various kinds of disturbance so that you can enjoy your trip. It has the dimensions of 94*29*18 inches.
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The net weight of the product is 54 pounds. It consists of the internal lift stiffeners for long durability.It’s available in black colour, which gives it a much more appealing and regular appearance.


✔️ SKS Locks.

✔️ Aerodynamically Designed


❌ Number of Snowboards

Thule Pulse Cargo Box

  • Thule pulse cargo box is designed to provide the user with the extra space they need from their vehicles. The roof box has the 14 cubic foot interior capacity. The extra space provides by this camping cargo box makes it the most demanding among the costumers.
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It has the many features as extensive rack compatibility, side of box locking functionality, simple, easy-grip mounting hardware and varied box sizes, rugged and stylish ABS plastic construction.


✔️ Rack Compatibility.

✔️ Central Locking System.


❌ Breaking of Key.

Yakima Rocket Box Pro 12 Cargo Box

  • Yakima rocket box pro 12 cargo box comes in black color, making it more attractive. It is provided with the roof-mounted camping cargo box, which provides the enclosed storage for gear. The aerodynamic shape reduces the wind noise and drag.
  • Reinforcement bracing in the nose of the lid adds the strength of the box. The clamps slide along the track inside the box are provided to accommodate different crossbar spreads.
best camping storage

It has a capacity of 12 cubic feet of storage. The body is constructed of the ABS plastic. It has also consisted of a dual side opening and a high-security lock system.


✔️ Key Lock with the same key system.

✔️ Easy Installation.


❌ Not Good Craftsmanship.

Thule Sonic Cargo Box

  • This camping cargo box is designed so much with an aero nose design cuts, reducing the drags and noise. It comes with more good features and best security and has a modern design that gives an attractive look to the vehicle.
  • It provides with the simple AcuTight mounting knobs that deliver the exact tensioning and are compatible with any rack system.
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The installation of this cargo box is easy and does not take lots of time. It has an 11 cubic foot interior capacity. It has the four size configurations designed to fit the vehicles and hauling needs of different users.


✔️ Dual side opening.

✔️ The cargo box is easy to install, as one can easily install it without an instructor’s help.


❌ The material from which it has made is not of too good quality.  As the cold temperature made the thin plastic so brittle that it cracked as the lid fixed.

Thule Hyper XL Rooftop Cargo Box

  • This camping cargo box is designed with ultra-conveniences. It’s merely a perfect mixture of design, security, and quality.
  • It’s comprises the angle foundation, which offers additional space between the open and box hatchbacks and trunks.
  • It provides the double side opening to the unloading and loading of the substance from any other side.
best camping cargo box

This hyper XL rooftop offers a luxurious space to the users. It is a perfect combination of style and attraction. It has a 17 cubic foot interior storage capacity. It offers high security. It’s the aero nose made, which helps lower the drag and enables air to maneuver between the box and your roof easily.


✔️ One Key Lock.

✔️ Integrated Light.


❌ High Price.

Thule 682 Sidekick Cargo Box

  • This cargo box is made up of the impact-resistant polyurethane, keeping the box secure. It is compatible with all the Thule base racks.

It can easily install and remove from your racks in minutes. It is also provided with a dual single side locking system. It has a durable facility, which means heavy-duty design protects gear and helps in keeping out of the elements.


✔️ Easy to Remove.


❌ Small in Size.


The information about the various camping cargo boxes helps the user to easily identify the better cargo boxes for their vehicle as they provide Various features like security system, noise controlling system, extra space, and many more. These camping cargo boxes provide extra space for the luggage so that the user can easily enjoy their trip.

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