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If you are looking for a rooftop cargo rack for your Honda Odyssey, then you are at the right place because I have tried and tested many roof racks on this many men coming from Honda. The rooftop cargo boxes market is quite vast, and it is challenging to choose the appropriate rooftop cargo box for yourself.

 Best Honda Odyssey Cargo Box
Best Honda Odyssey Cargo Bo

So, I am listing the nine best rooftop cargo boxes available in the 2020 Honda Odyssey. You can select any one of them depending upon your budget and your size requirement.

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Informative Reviews for Top 9 Honda Odyssey Cargo Box

Jegs Rooftop Cargo Box

This is one of the highly preferred rooftop cargo box for Honda Odyssey.
It is loaded with impressive specifications such as a waterproof body, which comes with a weathertight seal for ultimate car roof protection and security from extreme weather. It is resistant to all Ultraviolet Rays. Loading and unloading in this cargo carrier are pretty easy and straightforward. Assembly and installation are not challenging or tough. You won’t require any kind of tool for installation.

All the mounting hardware and general instructions for installation are included in it. It is manufactured in the USA and It is covered in a limited lifetime warranty. Because honda odyssey cargo box maintains it’s high-quality construction and brilliant performance, it will for sure shock your mind.

EGS Rooftop Cargo Carrier | Hard Car Top Large Luggage Box

It has got 4.5 out of five reviews on Amazon. The price of these rooftop cargo boxes Is just $188.00. this cargo box comes with four corner locking systems and a dual side opening feature.

This cargo box’s weight is about 35 pounds, and it comes with a 110lbs load-carrying capacity.

It comes with integrated hinges for double side opening, and its body is all-season resistant. so also it comes with giant storage carrying capacity of 18 cubic feet. It is constructed from HDPE plastic, which makes it strong and durable.


✔️ Affordable

✔️ Installation is very easy

✔️ All weather resistant body


 looks and design could be improved.

SportRack Vista XL rear opening Cargo Box

It is one of the best cargo boxes in terms of capacity and built quality, and it has got many positive reviews on Amazon and other eCommerce websites. It is made from 80% ABS plastic, which is pretty durable and long-lasting. Its body is UV resistant, and it is quite easier to clean with mild shampoo and water.

It comes with sport rack roof systems. The mounting procedure in this cargo box is pretty straightforward. It’s a major drawback in this cargo roof box. It is compatible with almost all the Honda Odyssey Cargo Box is easily available in the market. It comes with a quick-release mounting system, which works perfectly fine, carrying capacity of 18 cubic feet. This anther Honda Odyssey rooftop cargo box comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

SportRack Vista XL rear opening cargo box

You won’t require any kind of tool to install this cargo box. The weight of this cargo box is 12.7 kilograms. It does not come with a dual side opening. Instead, it has a single side opening feature. You can open this from only the rear side only.


✔️ Carrying capacity of 18 cubic feet.

✔️ It is constructed from 80%ABS plastic.

✔️ Comes with dual side opening system


❌ This cargo box is not waterproof.

❌ Its hinges are quite flimsy.

Thule Motion XT Honda Odyssey Roof Box

This is a slightly expensive roof cargo box, but its price is Reasonable because it comes with lots of features and a premium look. It comes with an aerodynamically streamlined body, which helps in providing a smooth ride, and it won’t cause any type of noise while riding at a higher speed. Also, it has a central locking system, which helps to provide additional security. Keys are provided with this anothe honda odyssey cargo box, and these keys have an excellent grip and are easy to hold and manage.

It is suitable if you want to carry skateboard skies and poles. Installation is relatively easy. And it has a power click quick Mount system, which makes it quite unique and special. You can carry up to seven skies and five skateboards.


It has a light lock system, which comes with separate open and lock features. it has a huge carrying capacity of 22 cubic feet, which is one of the best in the market right now.

It is quite spacious, and the weight of this rooftop cargo carrier is 46 pounds.


✔️ The case present in it is easy to use.

✔️ Great capacity for larger luggage.

✔️ This model has user-friendly features and comes in fantastic color options

✔️ Thule’s Power Click mounting system is very efficient and user friendly.


❌ The hinge system in Thule is a bit pliant, making me wonder about the long term

Yakima SkyBox 21 Cargo Box

Yakima Skybox rooftop cargo box comes with a generous cargo-carrying capacity of 21 cubic feet.

This cargo box is constructed from 80% recycled ABS Plastic, and it has internal lid stiffeners for increased rigidity. This cargo roof box comes with an awesome latch security feature, enabling the lid to secure its base. It will perfectly fits Yakima round, squared factory bars. It comes in 4 different capacity variants.

This cargo box is a little expensive, and it will cost you 699$- $999. The weight of this cargo rooftop box Is 62 lbs. It comes in a black matte finish, which will suit perfectly the Honda Odyssey.

Yakima comes with a dual side opening feature lid, improving Accessibility on both sides of the vehicle. It comes with an aerodynamically carbonite textured top. This cargo roof box is durable and sturdy.


✔️ The opening and closing handle is excellent in this model.

✔️ Premium look in the handle

✔️ Super Latch security helps ensure your lid is secure to its base and your gear is protected.

✔️ Tool-free installation


❌ The mounting process is too lengthy, and it takes a lot of time.

Rhino rack master fit

The rhino rack master fit comes with a sleek and aerodynamically designed body that reduces air drag and provides a smooth ride. This one of honda odyssey cargo box comes with two straps for load securing, and you can also take skies and skateboards under the length of 1870 millimeters in this cargo roof box. 

Rhino rack master fit roof box comes with a storing volume of 15.5 cubic feet. It can easily accommodate up to six pairs of skies and four pairs of snowboards. It comes with a dual side opening system; the keys are also included in it. It is pretty easy and straightforward to setup. It is made from a tough and durable material called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, commonly called ABS plastic.

This would be a great match with Honda Odessey, and it is available in black color. This one of Honda Odyssey cargo box will cost you $551.00 and carry a massive load of 75 kilograms, which is higher than any standard roof cargo box.


✔️ Can carry a load of 75-kilogram weight

✔️ Made from tough and durable materials

✔️ Comes with dual side opening feature


❌ Slightly expensive.

Helios 400™ Camouflage Roof Cargo Box 

The installation process is simple. You won’t require any kind of tool. You need a r system preinstalled for setting up Honda Odyssey Roof Cargo Box. It has the potential to carry a load of 50 kilograms. This model comes with a k3.013ST4A lock, and two centralized locks are present in it to maximize your cargo’s security.

This another Helios 400™ Camouflage Honda Odyssey Cargo Box comes with a dual side opening feature, and it has a UV protective body. The total weight of this roof rack is 13 kilograms. This roof cargo box is pretty durable, and your cargo will be completely safe and secure in all climate conditions.

This Helios 400 camouflage roof cargo box is pretty unique because of its design and looks. It will cost you about 470$ – $499.

This product has a five years manufacturer warranty. Any defect related to the material and construction of this cargo box will be repaired free of cost.


✔️ Dual side opening feature 

✔️ Budget-friendly 

✔️ Huge load-carrying capacity 

✔️ Ultraviolet resistant


❌ Everyone isn’t familiar with camouflage design.

Thule Sidekick Honda Odyssey Cargo Box

It is a pretty cheap and affordable option coming from the company Thule, comes in only Gray color. The round factory racks in this model fit quite well. The installation procedure is quite simple and straightforward. A limited lifetime warranty for this another Honda Odyssey Roof Box covers the sidekick cargo box against any kind of defects in material and design construction.

It has a top-notch locking system, which helps to keep your gear and cargo safe from theft and accidental fall. This cargo roof box can be opened from a single side only, and it can be opened from the passenger side for loading and unloading.

It has a load-carrying capacity of 75lbs, and it has a storing volume of up to 8 cubic feet.
This cargo box will cost you just at $319.00. This cargo roof box is compact, and it is suitable for carrying golf accessories and small gear. The weight of this car rooftop carrier is 16lbs.

This model comes with a weather-resistant body, which provides protection from sand, UV rays, etc. It has no central locking system, and you cannot take Skis and skateboards in it.


✔️ Comes at an affordable price

✔️ The locking system works perfectly fine.

✔️ Gray color suits well.


❌ Can’t carry skies and skateboards

❌ less storing volume

G3 absolute Honda Odyssey cargo box

G3 absolute is a another cargo box easily available in a bright Gray color and comes in budget-friendly prices. It will protect your Honda Odyssey cargo box from different types of weather conditions. It is easy to store and transport. Its body is UV protected. Anyone can easily assemble and setup this cargo box in less than 10 minutes. You won’t even need specific tools for installation.

G3 Car Roof Box Spark 400 Top Cargo Carrier Mount Cargo Travel

This roof cargo box will cost you 299$-479$. $299 for the least expensive and thought 479$ for the most expensive variant of this cargo box.

It comes with a 5-year warranty Assembly of this roof cargo box is pretty easy.

It comes with a push-button lock K3. 003 and it has a centralized lock K3. 013. The body of this Honda Odyssey cargo boxes for durable and it is one of the cheapest roof cargo box for Honda odyssey. If you have a limited budget then this roof box will be the best Honda Odyssey cargo box option for you in 2021.


✔️ Comes at an affordable price.

✔️ UV protected body

✔️ Easy installation


❌ Storage volume could be better

G3® – Spark Roof Cargo Box  

This G3 Spark Roof cargo box can be installed on top of Honda odyssey only when you have already established a roof rack system. Without this roof box system, you can not install G3® – Spark as Honda Odyssey Roof Box .

This cargo bag comes with a sleek and appealing cutting edge design, and it has a dual side opening feature by the help of which you can open the rooftop cargo box from two sides. It has a load-carrying capacity of up to 75 kilograms, and that is quite huge. A spring jacket is also present in this another Honda Odyssey cargo box.

This cargo box will cost you $429.95 – $499.95. A five-year warranty will give users peace of mind. The mounting system is straightforward and easy to use.


✔️ Comes with a 5-year warranty

✔️ The mounting system is easy and convenient.

✔️ Great load carrying capacity.


❌ Roof rack system has to be present on car.

❌ Little expensive 

Solving the FAQ’S from Users – Honda Odyssey Roof Box

Which one has biggest storage volume?

Thule Motion XT cargo box has biggest storage volume.

Which one is the most affordable cargo box for Honda Odyssey?

G3 absolute cargo box (check out the product section for this product)

How should I store my box when not on the car?

Keep the box store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight & Box should be saved either; On it is foundation on the ground.

Ending the Buyers Guide

Honda Odyssey Cargo Box are pretty much like go to options now-a-days. If you have honda odessey and you want to carry extra luggage then surely above listed rooftop cargo box will surely bring easiness in your travel for winter.

Thule motion XT and yakima carbonite 21 would be the two best options but they are costly and if you can’t spend much on rooftop cargo box then G3 absolute and G3 Camouflage would be decent options. So ya that’s it with the article now. Wishing you all happy winters with listed Honda Odyssey Cargo Box collection.

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