How To Select Mini Cooper Roof Box ? | 4 Best Mini Cooper Roof Boxes

As technology is evolving day by day, the number of the automobile on the road is increasing every day. There are a variety of four-wheelers, especially cars available in the market; and one of them is a mini cooper car with an amazing design and looks. Let us explore the best possible options available in the market for a mini cooper roof box in 2022.

Rack systems are very common and almost every one has one installed already. They are made by attaching bars to the top of the vehicle – usually on either side, but sometimes only on one side. They can be attached permanently – they are then called permanent racks – or they can be removable – then they are called touring racks.

Whatever you choose to call them, they are almost certain to be standard equipment on your vehicle. And, since they are so common, you should consider adding one to your car.

Mini Cooper Roof Box
How To Select Mini Cooper Roof Box
  • Mini Cooper looks so attractive and fantastic. There is only one problem faced by people while travelling with it: Storage Capacity.
  • As its name itself suggests, Mini Cooper Roof Box, means it has very small space for keeping luggage and for that users need carriers to increase the space. The cargo carrier can be any box, bag, or rack.
  • It depends upon the user, which is better for them. Here we will know various things about mini cooper rooftop cargo boxes, which helps the user make proper decisions in choosing a carrier and make their trip more memorable and enjoyable. 

Some Reasons Why One Should Choose Mini Cooper Roof Box

  • You can carry more stuff on your journey.
  • They are available in several sizes suitable for different cars.
  • They can double up a storage unit in your luggage.
  • They provide a safe and secure place to store valuables when you are away.
  • They are much better than cargo bags as they do not get damaged by any sensitive material.

Why the Mini Cooper is so cool

 Some More and Important Info About the Mini Cooper Roof Top Cargo Boxes-

  The mini copper cargo boxes are available in five different models

  • Countryman
  • Clubman
  • Convertible
  • 5-door hatch
  • 3-door hatch
  • These are some of the mini cooper cargo roof carriers’ choices that one should know thoroughly to make the right choice. Before choosing any material, one thing is very necessary to keep in mind: Weight load.
  • The weight capacity is critical since you must account for the weight of your roof box as well as a possible weight of the luggage.
  • Depending upon the model you are choosing for selecting the best cargo roof box, you have to decide whether you need to buy a roof rack or not as some of the models come with it and for some, you need to buy them. If you do not want to buy the roof rack, some of the carriers do not need one as well.
  • Before choosing any of the above roof carriers, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that the carrier should be able to carry a good amount of luggage and load. This will make it easier for the user to enjoy their trip. With these carriers, you don’t have to stick to carrying only small loads or bags that are packed separately.
  • These are the names of some of the best and most popular roof boxes for the Mini Cooper. This may help the user decide which one is best and solve all his problems. Below is a short summary of all the carriers, including their pros and cons, so that users can easily choose the best one.

Goplus Roof Top Cargo Carrier

  • This roof box has a very attractive design and gives a traditional look to your vehicle. The rooftop cargo box is better suitable for vehicles with racks.
  • This mini cooper roof box is made up of ABS plastic and PC material, which makes it long-lasting and helps to prevent valuable products from exposure.
mini cooper roof box

The mini countryman roof box provides an additional space of 14 cubic feet, making the cargo box perfect for small roadside trips. The user can easily carry their sports equipment to the field. The mini countryman roof box was designed aerodynamically to reduce noise. The user can easily enjoy their trip without disturbance; the roof cargo box is designed to withstand heavy use in different weather conditions.

  • The cargo roof box consisted of metal lid stiffeners at the bottom, making the roof box more stable and safer. The roof box is very user-friendly as one can easily install and remove it in a very short period.
  • This roof cargo box has two side openings for simple material filling and removal. The rooftop box provides super latch security, which ensures user goods’ safety, and it is offered with two keys.



✔️ Long-lasting

✔️ User friendly

✔️ Safe and stable


❌ Keys may damage

JEGS Performance Product 90098 Roof Top Cargo Box

  • This roof box comes in black, which gives your vehicle an awesome look and makes it attractive—the dimension of the roof box is 57.5×13.75×38.5 inches.
  • The cargo box comprises high-density polyethylene HDPE black plastic, making it long-lasting and preventing it from various kinds of weather conditions and light exposure. This cargo box comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
mini cooper roof box dimensions

The cargo box offers a dual side opening for easy filling and unloading of the material, and there is a need for the cargo box rack to make this rooftop cargo box stable. The mini cooper roof cargo box consisted of four corner locking systems, ensuring that your bag and baggage are safe from theft.

  • The front latch is for ultimate security. The cargo box offers an additional space of 18 cubic feet, which means that the cargo roof box is better suited for long and small roadside trips. 


✔️ Provide enough space.

✔️ User friendly.

✔️ Dual side opening.


❌ It required a roof rack.

Thule Sidekick Roof Mounted Cargo Box

  • This mini roof box is designed smoothly and perfectly so that it can easily carry all your gear. The sidekick is perfect for keeping golf clubs, camping supplies, and users all good.
  • The roof box is designed aerodynamically, which helps in preventing wind resistance. It also consisted of a weather-resistant design, which helps keep the cargo box dry in especially monsoon times.
mini cooper roof box storage

The rooftop cargo box offers an additional space of 8 cubic feet, which suggested that it is better suited for small roadside trips and short journeys. This cargo box comes in black and Gary colours and has a unique design. This mini cooper roof box is perfect for smaller families r for the sportsperson.

  • The Thule mini cooper roof cargo box has consisted of lid lifters, which hold the lids and make the user’s hand free for easy unloading and packing of goods.
  • It consisted of the one key locking system, which ensures that your baggage is safe from every kind of theft and makes user tension free.  


✔️ Perfect for short trips

✔️ Dual side opening

✔️ One key lock system


❌ Produce noise at high speed

Malone Profile 18B Rooftop Cargo Box

  • This mini cooper roof box comes in a gloss black finish with a matte black base colour, making it more attractive. The gloss black colour of the box gives a classic look to your vehicle.
  • The cargo box is designed aerodynamically to prevent drag and noise. The cargo box can be opened from both sides for easy stuffing and unpacking of material. The Malone mini cooper roof box consisted of the inbuilt gas strut.
mini cooper roof box

The mini cooper roof box also provides lid lifters, which help hold the lip open during the loading and unloading of goods. The rooftop cargo box has an inbuilt lock that secures your gear in the box.

  • This one of the best mini cooper roof cargo boxes does provide an additional space of 18 cubic feet, making the cargo roof box perfect for long roadside trips. The cargo box comes with easily attached fittings for quick installation, making it user-friendly.


✔️ Easy to install

 ✔️ Provided with Lid lifters

✔️ Long-lasting


❌ Keys of the lock are not durable

I hope you’ve take this points in consideration before making purchase

1. When choosing roof boxes, make sure that they have good ventilation, insulation and light.

2. They should be made of strong and durable materials, like corrugated metal or plastic.

3. They should be able to withstand different weather conditions.

4. They should be easy to clean and maintenance.

5. Make sure that they have good ventilation.

6. Roof boxes should be easy to store and transport.

7. The boxes should be sturdy.

8. There should be easy to use handles and wheels.

9. Roof boxes should be easy to store and clean.

10. The roof boxes should be made of materials that are safe for your family and pets.

11. Roof boxes should be affordable.

What is the best position for a roof box?

Best position for a roof box can not be defined. A good position is something you don’t get any negative effects from. The question is too vague to have any real answer.

If you want to avoid putting it over a bar then it has to be placed at a height where the person can easily reach it. If you have to place it higher then it will require the person to stand on a step ladder or stool to access it.

Ideally, If you want to avoid putting it over a bar then it has to be placed at a height where the person can easily reach it. If you have to place it higher then it will require the person to stand on a step ladder or stool to access it.

Personally, As far as positioning goes, I have the top of my roof box slightly angled down toward the ground so that when I put my seat back, the front end of the roof box drops down and rests on the seat back.

  • A low roof box is a good option if you are going to be parking for long periods.
  • For short-term parking the best option would be a high roof box.

Final Thought on Mini Cooper Roof Box reviews

  • We have already discussed the best mini cooper roof cargo box, which increases the storage capacity and provides several features like the best security, dual side opening, and lid lifter for easy holding.
  • We feel that these are some of the best cargo boxes for mini cooper. We have discussed the pros and cons of all the best mini roof boxes, which help users choose the best cargo boxes for them according to their budget and likes. 
  • Before you buy, think about your roof’s layout as you do not want to have to take off your external antennae, for example. Do not forget that your box’s weight will limit the number of goods you can take with you in your box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these roofs to cargo boxes better than roof top cargo bags?

These rooftop cargo boxes are much better than the roof top cargo bags as they are long-lasting and safe than cargo bags as they cannot be damaged easily with any of the sensitive material like bags.

Are these mini cooper cargo box easy to install?

Yes, these rooftop cargo boxes provide quick and easy mounting for easy installation and removal within a short period so that user can enjoy their unplanned as well as sudden trips. In the one go, You can easily fix a mini cooper roof cargo box to your car.

Why is mini cooper so expensive?

$846 is the price required for mini cooper for maintenance compared to this $456 is the required maintenance cost for other subcompact cars. But the listed mini cooper roof cargo box above can easily save your spending on extra accessories required for mini cooper cargo box.

Can you fit a roof box to a Mini Cooper?

A roof rack can be attached to your car just like a conventional rack, but it will usually be built into the structure of the car… and… it will almost always be “hidden” from view. 

As you think of mini cooper as traditionally a small car, you are taking it wrongly. Just like other compact conventional cars, One can easily fit roof boxes or roof racks to Mini cooper. Without any second thought we can assure you that the Mini cooper is absolutely designed to have cargo carrier on it.

How much weight can a Mini Cooper hold?

This document describes how to calculate the total weight of your car in both passenger and cargo capacities.

As you know, the GVWR is the maximum amount of weight allowed for the vehicle to drive on public roads. Depending on configuration you choose, Mini Cooper Passenger and Cargo weight limit get decided. Talking in numbers MINI Cooper is commonly capable of handling a total load of the passenger and cargo around 850 pounds to 1,300 pounds.

Wrapping Up with MINI Cooper Roof Box Reviews

The problem faced by the number of people having mini cooper car is storage capacity. There are several mini cooper cargo box avialan in the market, mainly designed for the mini cooper, which increases the surface area and provides several features to enjoy their trip without any disturbance is absolutely a fine choice for mini roof box in cooper.

Some of these rooftop cargo boxes required a roof rack, and some do not. These cargo boxes provide various features like dual side opening for easy loading and unloading of the goods.

Some consist of the best security system, which keeps your good safe from theft. Most mini cooper cargo boxes are aerodynamically designed, making the box long-lasting and preventing it from various kinds of exposure. It makes it suitable for every kind of weather condition.

The aerodynamical design also reduces drag and noise to enjoy their trip without any disturbance. This mini cooper cargo box comes in various colors, sizes, and designs with the look so attractive and cool looking. These some of the boxes are better for small roadside trips or long roadside trips.

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