🚗Best Roof Top Cargo Boxes | Top Roof Boxes For 2020 🧳

Roof Top Cargo boxes are the best for carrying luggage on the rooftop of your car. You can fit the best-suited cargo rooftop on the top of your vehicle. A variety of carriers are available for the kind of items to carry in it. 

Different carriers have different amounts of strength to carry various items of different strengths. The choice of goods determines the kind of transport a car is going to have. Having a fascinating cargo carrier on the rooftop of your vehicle makes it look gorgeous and beautify the beauty more of the vehicle. 

The different types of roof top cargo boxes:

1. Yakima Skybox Cargo Box

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The Yakima cargo carrier is the most beautiful and provides versatile solutions. It is available in different sizes and opens from both sides. The best thing about this carrier is that it does not require any tools to install and very easy to handle.

  • It is useful in summers as well as in winter because of its extended size. It is very trusted because of its locking system.
  • The most highlighted part is that the environmental approach of the Yakima, as it is wholly made up of recycled items and thus is very much environment friendly. 


✔️ Versatile approaches can be used in summers as well as winters.

✔️ Unbreakable locking system.


❌ Not durable for a long time. 

2 . Shield Jacket Waterproof Roof Top

  • Shield jacket roof top cargo boxes have a textile design look that makes it different from others and makes it unique for the drivers; this is because of its425-litre space and soft covers, which allows any object of any odd shape to accommodate correctly.
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The best thing about it is, it’s not a hard covered carrier and doesn’t take a lot of roof space. The adjustable straps give a new statement to this jacket shield waterproof carrier, which can be molded and adjusted according to the area available.  


✔️ Waterproof in nature

✔️ It takes very little space and can be molded according to an item stored.


❌ Do not support very delicate objects 

3. Leader Accessories cargo roof top

  • Leader accessories roof top cargo boxes are very easy to use and handle. No installation as such is required.
  • The look of the cargo rooftop is very handsome in black color, and the fascinating character of it is it looks like a bag and needs zero maintenance.

Only you need to put everything inside the box and zip it. It is completely waterproof and is a hard roof cargo carrier that can contain heavy items. It can easily store goods as it completely folds to flat.


✔️ Easy to handle

✔️ Waterproof which makes it weatherproof


❌ It doesn’t consist of an aerodynamic type of design, which sometimes makes it choosy with goods. 

4. Thula cargo box

  • Looking for something easy to handle but not that much big in size but can hold all your essentials that you would want to carry when you are visiting a place. 
  • It has a secure locking system, which makes it of high security, and it has high durability.
  • Because of the carrier’s extremely less weight, it can be installed by one man easily.

The Thula cargo box carrier is the best option, which is a comfortable fit and not too long but has an eight cubic feet capacity to hold all essentials. This fantastic mid fit box comes with a self-standing top lid cover.


✔️ Lightweight

✔️ Offers a top lid cover


❌ Small to carry sports equipment. 

5. Thule Pulse Cargo Box

  • Thula plus is the bigger version of usual Thula roof top cargo boxes, which used to carry standard equipment.
  • It has a top lid covering, which makes it look desirable, and the locking mechanisms help to save the items from thefts.
  • The strength of the Thula cargo box is commendable, and hence it is very much durable. 

This cargo Thula box is specifically ideal for carrying sporting items because of its vast area and different sizes available like 11, 14 and 15. It has a massive space inside it, which makes it very different from any other boxes. It can handle heavy weights up to 110ibs. It is so big that if the most significant size to consider, it can hold 4-8 pairs of skis.


✔️ It is robust and durable.

✔️ Available in many sizes and can carry bulky goods.


❌ The locking mechanism is not 100% up to mark.

6. Roof Bag Carrier

  • The most simple car carriers are roof bag carriers. They are very much durable and robust and have straps on both sides, which make the equipment intact, even on adverse road conditions.
  • They are 11to 15 cubic feet tall, thus supporting a lot of items inside it. 

These look like a bag and is a bag and is very simple and has a productive outlook. These are very much affordable because of its fewer price costs and are waterproof, which thereby protects it from natural calamities. The roof bag carries for cars also come in various sizes, thus supporting different items of different sizes to be sold.


✔️ Durable and strong

✔️ They are waterproof, thus safeguards the luggage from any natural calamities.


❌ They are not the ideal choice in respect to aerodynamics. 

7. Arksen roof top carrier 

  • If you are looking for something most durable, reliable, and the simplest one, then the Arksen rooftop cargo boxes are the best choice in the market.
  • The look is very old fashioned and lovable; the retro fashion look of the airlines makes it different from any other cargo carrier.
  • It is effortless to install and use. It is a perfect choice for places with the dry sky almost the year. 

It is a metal construction of length and width of 43” and 39” respectively. This carrier can be used and fitted on any car rooftop as it comes with the option of wearing it off when not in use. The small size makes it ideal for carrying and storage. The open basket looks with straps, and the net makes it very much secure and safe to use.


✔️ Very much sturdy and durable

✔️ The design and look is ideal


❌ It is not ideal for all weather conditions.

 8. JEGS roof top carriers

  • If you are looking for something which is easy to mount and can hold large weights, then JEGS has come with the solution of kind of rooftop you the looking.
  • The durability and look of the product are incredible. The security is good with a complete lock and key system.

It can hold up to 110 lbs of cargo weight. You can comfortably wear it off and store it somewhere because of its small length of 39 inches and 28ibs weight. It is an extremely trustable product and is very helpful. The mounting and unmounts of cargo is very easy. It comes with a standardized top lid cover, which enhances the look. 


✔️ Compatible because of its small size

✔️ A very trustable product


❌ It is not the best in terms of looks. 


Every roof top cargo boxes are ideal in its way, but the best-suited carrier depends on the necessities of your cargo to be the carrier. Every rooftop carrier is fancy and handsome, but the best for your car is always the one that you choose. But now its no more a tension to fit the baggage in the back of your vehicle, but you can easily carry all your products or luggage on the rooftop ( a big room form bags). For more details about the roof-box guide, click here.

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