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Volvo Roof Box

Some Volvo models are equipped with roof racks and other Volvo car accessories. The Volvo cars self-designed Roof Box is your best choice. Below you’ll find the most accurate Roof Rack parts we sell. The best solution is to enter the model and year in the box below. Once you tell us how many Volvos you have, our team will find you an excellent roof rack and roof box option that suits your lifestyle. The aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and the sporty look is enhanced by the high-gloss black paint.

Roof box designed by Volvo Cars

Opp. Yes. 89175 Volvo car’s self-designed rooftop cargobox for your Volvo contains 450 L and is functional in its usage. The modern aerodynamic design is optimized in an attempt to minimize air pressures or wind noise, while the sport appearance is enhanced with glossy black paint. This contemporary box is made from double-coated vacuum-shaped ABS plastic, which ensures it is durable.

The Thule roof box has a volume and can be accessed quickly through a large opening and the LED lighting on the cover makes loading easy. It prevents dragging heavy materials and reduces vibration in the roof carrier. Quick-grip mounts provide a quick and easy mounting of the visor to fit your Volvo easily.

Facts and advantages

Aerodynamism. Inserting LED lights on the covers facilitates loading. A mat underneath the Volvo roof cargo box reduces sound and stops the load from moving. Integrating handles. Fits most Volvo loads. The roof box is Volvo designed with strip aluminum versions and inserts with Volvo Wordmark on each side. The box was created from vacuumed ABS plastic ensuring lightness but being rigid. Can open both ways. The Roof Box has a quick grasp locking mechanism that allows easy installation and quick access. Advanced aerodynamic properties that lower wind noise. City crashed, Tested.

Volvo Roof Box Buyers Guide

You can extend your storage by installing roof cargo carriers in vehicles. Roof boxes are great storage options for vacations, to keep ski, snowboard and other baggage, and for other long trips. This storage device will help increase the storage capacity of any vehicle in a single shipment. What are some reasons for purchasing roof boxes?

To begin with, plenty of rooftop box brands are available today and all claim they have the best products with a volume of 430 liters. Also, you need to be educated about several technical issues such as load capacity, roof bar compatibility, and much more.

There are several companies today based on the claim that they are offering excellent products. In addition to the technical aspects, it is necessary to learn some basic knowledge on roof bar compatibility as well.

Features We Like 

-Its aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance and the sporty look is enhanced by the high gloss black paint 
-The lid of the box is hinged, making it easy to open 
-It comes with two safety straps to secure it to the roof bars 
-Lockable with keys 
-Universal box fits most vehicles 
-Easy to install, no tools required

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Roof Boxes

There are many roof carriers available for your road trips. Amongst these are the best roof boxes that can suit the Volvo XC90 and include the following features:

1-Reversible textile/plastic load compartment mats

This is the most durable and reusable protective mat on the market today. The Mat is practical and waterproof and combines tufted textiles and plastic. The mat includes an integrated practical dirt cover that could fold under bumpers. The garments will stay dry and protect the bumper when the vehicle reaches its destination.

2-Foldable towbar hitch (CA, CL, CO, MX, PE, PR, US)

This hitch has been specifically introduced to North American markets. With a fully folding tow bar, the tow bar can easily be pulled out of the vehicle without dragging. Press on the luggage handle to fold the towbar. A simple hand movement keeps the tow bar secure.

3-Bumper cover

A heavy-duty load guard in brushed stainless steel on the rear bumper is included. An attractive, practical item that protects paintwork when loading and exiting the container.

4-Load securing net – load compartment

The breathable fabric cover is effective in keeping cargo away from moving within the cargo room. Its elastic materials allow easy loading under a net. The gross weight of the roof box including load carriers must not exceed the vehicle’s maximum roof load weight.

5-Protective nylon net

Practical check pattern security net in robust nylon. A net keeps baggage at a safe distance from entering the passenger compartment during heavy brakes.

6-Bag holder for load compartments

Practical storage for bag holders in the baggage space prevents bags from slipping or leaking contents. It’s foldable in the cargo compartment.

7-Lock kit

Locking system that simplifies the operation if you add additional components to the load carrier. You can use six locks on an identical key, which makes it stable.

8-Load compartment divider – longitudinal

Using the load compartment, it is easy to separate the load compartment lengthwise and create a double compartment.

9-Protective steel grille

A protective grille is designed to keep animals and cargo out of entering the vehicle during heavy braking.

10-Load lashing straps

The load in the loading compartment is secured using this easy-to-use load strap.

A Guide to Select Best Volvo Roof Box

Top 10 Products of Volvo Roof Box

Detailed Reviews of Product

1. Farad Crub 430 Litre roof Box Suitable for All The Cars


Technical Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: A large capacity of 75 kg max
  • Height Adjustment: Opens from both the sides
  • Frame Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Matt black
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What We Liked

What cons did we find?

Bottom Line

The TUV-Gs approved is an amazing buy as it’s very durable and made up of ABS plastic. The best part is that the cargo box comes with a 75kg loading cargo capacity with an inner capacity of 430 litres which means it can occupy a lot of storage items in one go.

Detailed Features

Where should one position the roof box?

Your roof box should be positioned on the roof bars so that the weight is distributed evenly between the two bars. You should also ensure that the sides of the box are in line with the sides of your car and that the base of the box is parallel to the road.

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