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Many people love to travel to different -different places. Those people who are fan of travelling they sometimes love to plan a sudden trip. After planning the trip, the main problem is faced by many of them that are storage problem so to adjust their luggage they reduce their number of bags and unable to carry some favorites things with them.

But now the problem has solved there are several rooftop cargo carriers available one of them is Yakima Skybox 18, which can easily solve the problem of storage capacity. The user only has to choose the best cargo carrier which really suites their vehicle and can carry all those things with them without any worry of storage capacity.

Yakima Skybox 18 Reviews

What Is Roof Top Cargo Carrier?

  • The cargo carriers are of the most well-designed carriers with the modern look like Yakima skybox pro 18, which not only expands the storage capacity but also give the most attractive look to your vehicle as they are available in the various design.
  • The cargo carriers are available in various type like the cargo bags, cargo boxes, cargo baskets. They all come in various range and in various design.

What sorts of things do you intend to store in the box?

In the event that you intend to use roof boxes on the roof of your large plan of travelling, you will need to know the size and strength of the box too. Try not to put together this choice just with respect to the presence of the roofing material.

In chilly environment where the winters are cruel and the mid year months are terribly hot, you will need to consider a roof stockpiling box that is uncommonly intended to withstand the conditions.

Features at a Glance

  • Volume: 509 litres or 18 cubic feet
  • Dimensions: 92* 16*36 inches
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Idiot proof key safe closing system
  • No tool installation
  • It takes minutes to install
  • Best investment

Yakima Skybox 18 Roof Top Cargo Carrier

  • There are many cargo carriers available in the market which offers a variety of features among them Yakima skybox 18 is one of the best rooftop cargo carriers which offers many features and is liked by the people most.
  • Yakima skybox pro 18 rooftop cargo box comes in black, which gives a standard look to the vehicle. The rooftop cargo box is designed very beautifully as it seems so attractive than the other rooftop cargo boxes.
  • The roof top cargo carrier has a dimension as 95.4*39.6*18.3 inches. The roof top cargo carrier is prepared with an aerodynamic design which helps in reducing the weight.

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  • The rooftop cargo carrier is versatile in nature which helps in reducing the drag and wind noise. This versatile nature keeps the user free from every kind of disturbance. The rooftop cargo box offers the additional storage of 18 cubic feet, which suggest that the cargo box is better suited for both small and long roadside trips.
  • The rooftop cargo box is better suited for a middle-class family. The cargo box offers enough space for games equipment. This rooftop cargo carrier is best in both summers as well as winter season just like Yakima skybox pro 18 does.
Yakima Skybox 18

The cargo carrier has a super Latch security which ensures that lid is secure to its base hence enhancing the strength of the base. The rooftop cargo box offers the dual side opening of the box for easy loading and unloading. The cargo box is perfect in terms of strength and storage capacity.

  • The cargo carrier is provided with internal lid stiffeners which added rigidity. The stiffeners also suggested that the lid will remain open and the user need not to hold the lid which means that it makes the user hand free.
  • The cargo carrier is provided with the best security feature. The rooftop cargo box has the SKS security system, which ensures that any of the material will not be loss and all material remain safe from the theft.
  • The rooftop cargo box also provided additionally with the optional gear-management cargo et to secure the gears.
  • The rooftop cargo carrier is very easy to install and remove as it consists of the quick mounting. The Yakima skybox 18 is perfect for every kind of weather condition and best of every small as well as long roadside trips.
  • These some wonderful feature like best security, space and many more makes it best among all other cargo box and in demand among the public. 


✔️ The roof top cargo carrier can be open from both the sides for easy loading and unloading of the material.

 ✔️ The roof top cargo carrier has the SKS security facility, which ensures that your material is safe from theft.


❌ The rooftop cargo carrier makes some noise at a very high speed which may sometimes become irritating and can spoil the trip.

❌ Keys Are Not Durable

Yakima Skybox Pro 18

YAKIMA SkyBox Pro 18 Rooftop Cargo Box
  • Rooftop cargo box with 18 cubic feet of total storage space
  • Quick-installation hardware fits round, square, and most factory crossbars
  • Aerodynamic shape minimizes drag; extra-stiff lid is easy to open
  • Improved security latch protects your gear; automotive pro-series finish
  • Equipped with SKS locks; measures 92 x 16 x 36 inches (W x H x D)

Family outdoors outings can be somewhat confined, as even the littlest tents, hiking beds, and knapsacks occupy a huge load of room in the vehicle – and that doesn’t represent the coolers, outdoors seats, overhangs, and family dogs.


Why Yakima Skybox 18?

There are several rooftop cargo carriers available in the market. All provide different feature and come in various range. Still, people mostly choose Yakima skybox 18 cargo carrier as it proofs to be best cargo carrier among in terms of many of the features.

💡 Best security facility

💡 Long-lasting

💡 Suitable in every kind of weather

💡 Perfect size

💡 Standard look

💡 Provide Enough space

💡 Extranet facility for the safety of gears

YAKIMA SkyBox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box
  • Material: Carbonite (up to 80% recycled)
  • Dimensions: 92 x 36 x 16 in
  • Volume: 18 cu ft
  • Opening: dual-sided
  • Compatibility: round, square, factory, and aerodynamic Yakima bars

Frequently Asked Questions – Yakima Skybox 18

We have developed the entirety of the most appropriate responses to generally posed inquiries with respect to this exceptionally famous Yakima skybox. This roof box information will help you settle on a savvy venture choice about the kind of boxes that you will use on your vehicle roof.

Is the Yakima skybox 18 easy to install?

The cargo box consists of the quick mounting, which ensures that the cargo box can be easily installed and removed.

Is this cargo box making noise?

The cargo box is aerodynamically designed, which helps in reducing drag and noise.

What are the dimensions of the yakima skybox 18 vs the 21?

Yakima Skybox 18 dimension details are mentioned below:
Length is 7 ft. 8 in.
Width is 36 inches
Height is 18 inches
Weight is 62 pounds

What is the Sku for Yakima skybox 18 carbonite?

Inside this is on of the most posed inquiry with regards to buying Yakima skybox pro 18 and Carbonite is actually an impressive factor for purchasers, so click here on connection to visit this instructive audits for Yakima skybox 18 carbonite.

How secure the boxes are? It is safe to say that they are lockable?

Without question Yakima skybox 18 are given locking framework. Old conventional Yakima skybox 18 are accessible with key locks and Upgraded Yakima skybox professional 18 are accompanying Number lock framework.

So my last highlight be certain is Yakima Roof box accompanies locking framework and they gives top security to you.

Are there some other highlights to be thought of?

You will presumably be searching for simple admittance to the cargo box, particularly in the event that you have a few group going with you, highlights of Yakima roof boxes are unquestionably significant.

Useful Information – Yakima Skybox 18

The Yakima skybox 18 comes with a lifetime warranty. There is also a base padding to protect your box and equipment. The additional cargo net is provided with the box to secure any nonski items that may be susceptible to sliding around when you are driving. In short, to make your luggage safe ad secure at high speed to make user tension free. The main purpose of all this feature is that the user can enjoy tier trip and make it memorable. 

The Yakima Skybox Pro is available in 12,16, 18 and 21 cubic feet sizes. These are sizes of the box so that the user can choose according to his need and budget. The Yakima skyboxes come in different sizes as well as in different styles like matte black, polished titanium, shiny silver, and onyx. The user can easily choose any according to his like.


The Yakima skybox 18 rooftop cargo box is one of the cargo carriers, which is chosen by using most. The Yakima skybox 18 cargo box is one of the best investments of the user. The cargo box comes in black colour hence gives a standard look to your vehicle.

The cargo carrier consists of the various feature which makes it demanding. This cargo box is designed aerodynamically, which makes it better for every kind of weather.The Yakima skybox 18 offers the best security facility, which ensure that your luggage will be remain safe from the theft.

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