Loading your car roof is difficult and dangerous.

Dropracks are the perfect solution for loading items onto your car’s roof safely and easily. They make it easy to load heavy objects without straining yourself or leaning too far forward, which reduces the risk of back injury or damaging your vehicle in the process.

Solution: Dropracks are a simple but ingenious invention that makes loading anything on top of your vehicle much safer and easier than ever before. We’ve helped thousands of people get their shopping home safely, by making our products available to everyone at an affordable price point!

Dropracks are a roof loading system that allows you to load your car roof at waist or chest height. Dropracks are designed for easy loading and unloading of the vehicle’s roof, meaning you don’t have to bend over or awkwardly reach up to load any items on your car.

DropRacks are perfect for people who have had back problems in the past, are pregnant, are elderly, or simply cannot lift heavy items onto their vehicle’s roof. DropRacks also help prevent damage to the car’s bodywork by allowing the user to load objects without straining themselves or leaning too far forward. DropRacks work equally well with cars, vans, trucks etc.

DropRacks give the user an extremely easy and safe way of loading or unloading items from their vehicle, even if said object is 5ft off the ground…

Demonstration of Droprack Loading and Unloading 

Dropracks Loading Unloading

Quick Suggestions For Roof Dropracks

FAs On Roof Dropracks

– No, they’re not a problem and I’ve never heard of them before.

– To prevent snow from accumulating on your roof
– To keep ice away from your roof
– For increased safety when walking on a slippery surface
– To reduce water damage in the event of a leak or melting snow/ice
– Roof Dropracks are much more affordable than roof replacement

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