Roof Boxes For Car are a great way to increase your storage space. Roof boxes can be mounted on the roof of any vehicle and provide you with an additional level of storage. This is ideal for those who live in areas where parking spaces or garages are hard to come by and there is no room for excess items within the home. The best part about these types of boxes, they can be removed from your vehicle when not needed so it does not take up valuable space in your garage or driveway when not in use. A roof box typically ranges between 20-30 inches long, 12-14 inches wide, and 16-22 inches tall providing you with plenty of room for transporting large items like bicycles.

The roof box, roof rack, roof carrier or roof basket is a fixed roof-mounted carrier with a frame and up to two lockable doors. It is designed to be loaded with luggage such as suitcases and other personal belongings. The roof box is available in different sizes and shapes depending on the vehicle type.

Typically roof boxes are made of aluminum, steel or polymers with a firm roof surface. They come in different colors and designs to blend in with the roof rack, the roof itself or the body of the vehicle.

An integrated lock is available on most roofboxes whereby it is possible to secure the roof box to the roof bars it’s mounted on by either using a padlock alone or in combination with an EPDM rubber band that also prevents water ingress.

Types Of Roof Boxes

There are four types of roof boxes

  1. METAL ROOFBOX (typically mainly used for commercial purposes)
  2. HARD SHELL ROOFBOX (stronger than softshells but more expensive)
  3. SOFTSHELL ROOFBOX (cheaper than hardshell roofboxes while still offering excellent protection and insulation)
  4. ROOF BOX WITH ROOF RACK (a roof mounted roofbox where the roof itself serves as a roof rack: this type of roof box can only be used on vehicles that have roof rails)

A roof box with roof rack is typically more expensive than a standard roofbox due to increased costs of manufacturing. A number of manufacturers offer steel hard shell boxes which are made from extruded aluminum bars that are then glued, riveted or bolted together. These types of boxes give you more storage options than softshell rooiboxes since they often come with dividers and divided inserts for extra space management during transportation of goods. For some users it is important to get a larger capacityroofbox which is why roofboxes with roof racks are also made in larger sizes. These roofboxes typically come with heavy duty bars that allow you to attach additional roofboxes for more storage space.

Design Types Of Roof Boxes

Tips For Using Roof Boxes

a. Make sure that the vehicle is capable of carrying one and can support its weight before purchasing or mounting a roof box

b. Always be careful when placing items inside your new product to avoid any damage .

c. Locate the best place on your roof to mount your box, make sure it is above 50% capacity, and check if there are any existing holes in the roof (e.g., from older products)

d. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations on safe loading of roof boxes as well as those for your vehicle .

e. Securely fasten the box to ensure safety while driving on bumpy roads or highways; if you’re not

Things to keep in mind when using a roof box

a. Not allowed in some locations, check if it’s permitted before placing your order .

b. Check if there are existing holes in the roof (e.g., from older products) before mounting a new one; make sure to cover any exposed metal or screws with protective caps forsafety

c. Make sure that the vehicle is capable of carrying one and can support its weight

d. Always be careful when placing items inside your new product to avoid any damage

e. Locate the best place on your roof to mount your box, make sure it is above 50% capacity

Roof Box Designs

Nowadays, there are a number of different types of roof box designs available on the market. For example, some have two doors or open from an access on top while others open from a side door. Most boxes also include locks so ensure that you get one with good security for maximum safety7.

Roof Box Material

Roof boxes are typically made out of either molded plastic or aluminum which both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, aluminum is lightweight but it can be prone to rusting especially if you live in an environment with high amounts of humidity . Molded plastic on the other handis not as strong but it is more durable and some even offer UV protection to keep harmful rays out.

Roof box maintenance

The easiest way to clean your roof box is to use a damp cloth followed by some soapy water. You can also get off any stubborn stains with the help of an old toothbrush and vinegar .

Roof box suppliers

There are a number of online and offline suppliers that sell their own products and since prices vary from one retailer to another it is always best to do some research before making any final purchase decisions.

Else, Amazon is excellent option with excellent return policy.


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