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So you want a roof box, only which one do you go for?

There are many makes and models to choose from these days, so here’s our guide on how to choose the best roof box for your needs.

We’ll assume that most people buying a roof box will be doing so because they need more space than the average hatchback boot can provide. If your car’s boot is big enough to carry a family, don’t buy a roof box; the extra size of the box will only be a hindrance (unless you want to go skiing or surfing).

If you’ve got a small car and need extra room for cargo, here are some things you should look out for.

If you’ve bought a car with roof rails, it will usually mean that you can fit the roof box of your choice; if not, check that it is compatible with your car. If in doubt, take your measurements to nearest garrage or try out their demo roof box.

Your roof box is a vital piece of equipment for your car, and it’s important to make the right decision when you’re buying one. You need to know what size of roof box will fit your car, how many people you think will be riding in the car on a regular basis, as well as how much storage space you have inside the vehicle.

Roof Box Material

Do you want a roof box made from plastic or aluminium?


The main advantage of a plastic roof box is that it’s lightweight and will not corrode. Next to this, nothing. It cannot be permanently locked, can be difficult to fix in place and doesnot look particularly sleek.


If you want the best (and most expensive) roof box available, get it in aluminium; they can be permanently locked and are generally quite stylish. They are not made of 100% metal though; there is some plastic used in the outer casing to make them lighter for carrying.

Roof Box Capacity

If you’re looking for extra space, the roof box should be bigger than your boot; but how big?

A bonnet/boot transceiver is quite useful here, by it’s something that only experienced roofers would think of using. It’san illuminated marker that tells you the distance from the roof to the bonnet/boot of your car, making it easy to choose a box with adequate capacity.

Generally speaking, if you do not have roof rails fitted on your roof, then each roof box should be able to take 50% of the boot capacity


The type of roof box you want will determine what you’re prepared to pay for it. The only thing that matters here is that you get what you pay for. A £50 no-name plastic box will not last as long as a tried and tested aluminium box, so if you want something which should last, buy quality products first time around. For more details on the costliest roof boxes available, check out this article .

Size and Style

These should be self-explanatory; make sure the roof box you choose is big enough (it should be able to take at least 50% of your boot capacity) and that its style matches or complements your car.

The size of the roof box is important as well. The roof box needs to be able to fit your car. If it’s too wide, it will be difficult to store and won’t look good. If it’s too small, it won’t be able to fit your car as well.


It is important to consider whether the roof box is secure enough to be used. It needs to be sturdy, but also lightweight. Some roof boxes can be heavy, and will be difficult to move when it’s time to remove them.


It should be lightweight, durable, and easy to access. If you are driving with a baby or an infant, you want a roof box that is designed to be child-friendly.

roofbox roof mounted carriers are roof top luggage systems, the roof rack mounts to the roof of your vehicle. This allows you to place luggage on your roof without having to purchase an additional roof rack system.


The roof box you purchase should be able to support your weight. Do you drive a heavy vehicle? Roof boxes are often made of steel or aluminum, which can be heavy.

If your vehicle is a convertible, you will want to make sure that the roof box is not left in direct sunlight. If you live in a cold climate, be sure that you have a good insulation system.

If so, you may want to consider the extra-large roof box. These boxes can haul up to 300 pounds. They also offer more space to store larger items. These boxes are best used for hauling items from place to place.

What type of car do you have and what type of roof does it have?

Many roof boxes come with a slide-out roof. If you have a convertible, this will give you access to the area that was previously covered. If you have a flat roof, you will need to find a different type of roof box.

Many roof boxes come wita slide-out roof. If you have a convertible, this will give you access to the area that was previously covered. If you have a flat roof, you will need to find a different type of roof box.

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