How to Choose the Right Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier for Your Needs?

If you are willing to purchase a durable and reliable cargo carrier in the market, then one of the best considerations from experts in the market is the top-rated aluminum hitch cargo carriers. These are very reliable, rugged, and built to last long.

We have researched and compiled a list of the best folding aluminum hitch cargo carrier in the market today – from cheap, plastic-wrapped carriers to expensive, custom-built ones. A quick look through our buying guide will help you to understand the technical details, and what are things to ignore.

Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier
Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

There are various kinds of cargo carriers available to browse today, for example, the folding aluminum hitch cargo carrier for vehicles. An aluminum hitch is an incredible choice for someone who regularly transports or carries substantial burdens around the country. It is also a good choice to buy a hitch carrier if you need to relocate your heavy stuff, such as a bike, on your vehicle from the driveway to the garage or some other place. For instance, In a vehicle like a small SUV or Jeep, could double the amount of weight you could pull.

Putting your bike on the bike carrier and riding it is the best thing you can do. Even so, think about a time when you need to move things like your bike along with other things. Then you will need a bike carrier with a level bed that can hold more bikes.

What is Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier?

A cargo carrier is a large plastic bin that attaches to the back of a truck or trailer. These cargo carriers come in various sizes which allows you to use them to store anything from bicycles to small tools. You can also load these carriers with your bike or vehicle when you are ready to drive.

The most important thing about the Aluminum hitch cargo carrier is its ability to carry a lot of weight from one place to another. You will be amazed to know that aluminum hitch cargo carriers can hold up to 2000 pounds of weight. If you need to move a large vehicle then it is the perfect choice for you.

Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier?

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A hitch-mount aluminum cargo box is a strong and durable device that can be attached to the towbar of the vehicle so that you can use it for hauling various kinds of things. The aluminum trailer hitch cargo carrier is made up of light materials which are easily available. Let’s have a quick look at the product down from the list below.

How to Choose the Right Hitch Cargo Carrier

There are several things to consider when choosing the right hitch cargo carrier for your vehicle. Some of the most important things to think about when purchasing a new hitch cargo carrier are:

👉 How much cargo capacity does it have?

This is a great way to find the cargo space you need for your vehicle. The more cargo space you have, the more items you can transport with ease.

👉 Does it have a built-in locking mechanism?

If you don’t have an extra key to your vehicle, then this is a great option to keep all your stuff safe without worrying about someone stealing it.

👉 How durable is it?

If you want a cargo carrier that can be used for a long time, then you should look for a hitch cargo carrier that has been manufactured using sturdy materials.

👉 What color does it come in?

You can find various colors available for a folding aluminum hitch cargo carrier. The user should make sure to pick a color that complements the vehicle.

In addition to choosing the right color of hitch cargo carrier for your vehicle, some important features are needed to be considered when purchasing. Below is the list of such important factors that are needed to be considered.

Truck Bed Liner:

A truck bed liner is an important tool that protects your vehicle’s interior and extends the life of your truck bed. A truck bed liner is particularly useful if you’re storing items in your truck bed that isn’t properly secured.

Side Rails:

You should ensure having the side rails when you buy a hitch cargo carrier. Side rails will help you to safeguard the carrier more tightly and will also help you to balance the cargo load.

🧐 Figuring out What Hitch Class Your Vehicle Has?

The user should ensure to figure out the hitch class of your vehicle, particularly on the off chance that you introduced a post-retail hitch. The hitch cargo carrier should not be unviable with your particular hitch class.

How much weight can a cargo carrier hold?
Hitch ClassTongue Weight CapacityTowing Capacity
Class I100 – 150 lbs1,000 – 1,500 lbs
Class II200-350 lbs2,000 – 3,500 lbs
Class III350-500 lbs7,500 lbs
Class IV500+ lbs10,000 lbs
Weight Capability

How often you’ll be using your cargo carrier

Before buying a cargo carrier, the user should decide on how regularly the cargo carrier will be used. Do you need an answer that folds up when it’s not being used? If you trust you will not have to use your cargo carrier that frequently, at that point you should pick a carrier that is not difficult to load or unload.

💢 Weight of your cargo:

Finally, ensure you gauge the heaviness of your folding aluminum hitch cargo carrier and buy a cargo carrier that will uphold that weight. Some cheap cargo carriers will have a lower weight limit, so remember that on the off chance that you plan on pulling hefty things.

💢 Weather conditions:

Consider the weather conditions you will be driving in while purchasing your cargo carrier. This is characterized by the zone in which you are living. If you live in a zone that regularly encounters downpours, you’ll need a weatherproof cargo bag to secure your gear.

💢 Protection:

It should also be protected from thieves, and the best way to do that is with a hitch aluminum rooftop carrier that has a post for locking. You don’t want someone to steal your bike while you’re away. To protect the bike, tie it to the carrier.

Detailed Product Reviews for Best Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

MAXXHAUL 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier

The MAXXHAUL 70275 cargo carrier is known for having Closer rungs to move little wheeled hardware and its Extra-wide 49″ x 29″ carrier bed obliges a large portion of the versatility gadgets around.

MAXXHAUL 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier
Item Weight79.4 pounds
Product Dimensions53 x 31.8 x 8.2 inches
MAXXHAUL 70275 Aluminum Cargo Carrier

Key Points

  • Anchor points for securing loads
  • Increased road safety with reflectors
  • Extruded aluminum construction makes it Lightweight
  • Aluminum basket for corrosion resistance

Leader Accessories Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Leader Accessories Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier is known to be the ideal decision for outdoors, rear ends, travels, or whatever else life tosses at you alongside its 500 LB weight limit, Effective leader accessories are genuine leaders with regards to limit.

Leader Accessories Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier
ManufacturerLeader Accessories
Item Weight54 pounds
Package Dimensions33.2 x 26.4 x 8.9 inches
Leader Accessories Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

Key points:

  • Leader accessories hitch mount cargo carrier consist of foldable receiver tube, so with empty purpose cargo carrier can be tilted up with folding shank
  • Featured with thick steels with durable powder coat posses huge anti-resistant capabilities against elements, scratches, and rust.
  • More security provided with 6″ TALL RAILSAILS as it heightened sides to keep items more secure in cargo basket

CURT 18153 60 x 24-Inch Basket Aluminum Tray Hitch Cargo Carrier

Including 6-inch high dividers around the cargo basket reviews, CURT is one of the got brands for aluminum hitch cargo carriers without any problem. Outfitted with a collapsing, calculated shank permits it to crease up at whatever point not being used.

CURT 18153 60 x 24-Inch Basket Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

Key Features:

  • Due to tubular steel construction, high strength and a lightweight design is promoted for CURT 18153 60 x 24-Inch basket aluminum hitch cargo carrier.
  • Easy cleaning facility provided due to mesh base, as result you get more cargo space inside your vehicle.
  • Reflectors on the Aluminum Basket frame, Integrated safety provided to this hitch aluminum cargo carriers with additional visibility to your vehicle.

Nevlers Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Net

Nevlers offers to bother free assurance and long-term guarantee (One of uncommon office without a doubt). Refreshed with rock-solid steel groups capacity of lifting up to 500 lbs of weight effectively and in the reward, Nevlers aluminum hitch mounted folding cargo carrier has stabilizer to guarantee dauntlessness of the hitch mount cargo carrier.

Nevlers Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Net
Item Weight62.8 pounds
Package Dimensions30.5 x 22.8 x 9.8 inches
Nevlers Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Net

Key Features:

  • Pre-installed Reflective strips adds more safety values to Nevlers Folding Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Net with ease.
  • With 2 rise ground clearance for hauler and foldable basket trailer, makes this aluminum cargo carrier stand out.

Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Net and Anti-rattle Stabilizer

Highlighted with a foldable plan because of the movable shank, this aluminum trailer hitch cargo carrier saves immense space with greater security due to the hitch settled arrangement preinstalled. Like others, the aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier is stacked with Heavy-duty rounded development and a durable dark powder coat.

Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Net and Anti-rattle Stabilizer
Item Weight52.9 pounds
Package Dimensions32 x 23 x 10 inches
Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier with Cargo Net and Anti-rattle Stabilizer

Key Features:

  • Customizable and all mounting hardware installed package are the tie down points according to user’s convenience.
  • 60″ x 21″ x 6″ is easily considered as the Large storage space in hitch mount aluminum cargo carrier category.
  • luggage carrier or camping gear and any construction material can be lifted quite easily with hold up capacity up to a hefty 500 Lbs.

Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

The best-known lightweight aluminum carrier Highland 1042000 is stacked with al 500 pounds limit reasonable for a 2-inch receiver-style collector hitch with very solace. This is the best call concerning outdoor gear, sports, shipping nursery, and home improvement supplies.

Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier
Item Weight2.06 pounds
Product Dimensions21.5 x 32.25 x 3.5 inches
Highland 1042000 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

Key Points:

  • Made with heavy duty steel, recalls highland as one of the best for carrying huge capacity.
  • Expanded metal deck includes convenient tie down points.
  • Coated with black durable powder gives Highland aluminum cargo carrier the ability to stand without corrosion for long.

ROLA 59502 Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Ideal for things like coolers, outdoor gear, bags, and other hardware, ROLA 59502 Vortex has had a colossal effect on purchasers since the beginning, particularly its high stockpiling limit. This Aluminum rack is one of the best suited for the category of Aluminum ATV Cargo carriers & types.

Item Weight73.2 pounds
Item model number59502
ROLA 59502 Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

Key Features:

  • One of the last longing aluminum cargo basket because of it’s heavy duty steel construction along with durable black powder coating.
  • Installation made an easy to go thing with attachment points along with provided 2-piece assembly.
  • Included Incandescent #20174 or LED #59516 is the functional lighting system.

Mockins Steel Cargo Basket

A foldable trailer office for Mockins permits free space when not in use for any vehicle SUV van or truck that has a 2″ recipient. Mocking is known to be one of the most confided-in brands ever because of its multi-reason extra highlights.

Item Weight59.9 pounds
Package Dimensions25 x 20 x 8 inches
Mockins Steel Cargo Basket

Key Points:

  • Mockins Aluminum Cargo Basket consist of features like extra thick 6mm heavy duty cargo net, 2 rainproof ratchet straps.
  • Free hitch stabilizer adds more value to security level of this hitch cargo carrier.
  • At Customer satisfaction, this one of top aluminum hitch cargo carrier product with ease.

Why we are considering an Aluminum?

✔️ Aluminum is strong and light:

This makes it simpler to introduce and simpler to move around the house when you need to get the bike elsewhere. The bike carrier will likewise store the bike when you are no more. Simply place it in the lockable holder and off you go.

✔️ Aluminum is durable:

It will keep going for quite a long time and since it is extremely light, the carrier won’t be perceptible in the rear of a pickup truck. In the event that you need to, the hitch mounted vehicle cargo carrier can be eliminated secretly!

✔️ Aluminum great material to use for a carrier:

Aluminum is an inside and out extraordinary material to use for a carrier for anything. Be that as it may, the aluminum trailer hitch cargo carrier for the vehicle is the most ideal decision for two reasons. To start with, it is perhaps the most secure choice. Second, it is perhaps the lightest choice accessible.

Important Considerations: Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier, which is one of the most important components in any vehicle, is responsible for transporting large objects and items like furniture, machinery, or even construction equipment from one place to another. Choosing the right aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier is very important as it will help you transport and deliver your cargo.

We can say that every person needs to select a suitable aluminum hitch cargo carrier according to his/her need and budget. So we have suggested you some important considerations before you make any decision about choosing the right & lightweight aluminum carrier.

1. How much space will you have for your cargo?

The amount of cargo that you’ll be storing in your new aluminum hitch cargo carrier will depend on your current vehicle size and the amount of cargo you need to transport. It is important to make sure that your new aluminum hitch cargo carrier will fit your current vehicle properly.

The cargo capacity of the carrier needs to be checked before you make a final purchase. You can find out the maximum cargo capacity of your new aluminum hitch cargo carrier by checking its specification.

2. What do you desire your carrier to accomplish?

If you’re planning on hauling a lot of cargo you should be looking at a bigger carrier. If you’re just using your car as a garage or a place to park your bikes you’ll probably be okay with a smaller carrier. Accomplishment is simply finding Do you need a simple device that can easily transport your small items from one location to another? Or do you need an expensive, but reliable, cargo carrier that will be able to withstand heavy loads and travel miles without breaking down?

3. One must find out what the exact requirement is?

What type of vehicle do you have? What kind of vehicle do you have? Are you looking for an aluminum hitch cargo carrier that will fit all types of vehicles? Or are you only looking for one that will work on specific types of cars?

4. What size would you like it to be?

However, The size of your best aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier can make a big difference in how much cargo capacity it has. Also, review, Is it a standard-sized vehicle that has a fifth wheel hitch or a compact SUV with a double receiver? What class hitch does your vehicle have?

How much weight can a cargo carrier hold?

Hitch ClassTongue Weight CapacityTowing Capacity
Class I100 – 150 lbs1,000 – 1,500 lbs
Class II200-350 lbs2,000 – 3,500 lbs
Class III350-500 lbs7,500 lbs
Class IV500+ lbs10,000 lbs

Another Great Buy: Aluminum ATV Cargo carrier

Guide Gear Small ATV UTV Utility Trailer, Hitch Cargo Carrier, Truck Camping, Aluminum
  • CARGO CARRIER - The Guide Gear trailer hitch cargo carrier is perfect for ATVs, UTVs, trucks or SUVs. It’s great for hauling items, whatever the season, you can even keep it attached to your ATV
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Our cargo hitch carrier is made from lightweight aluminum that’s corrosion- resistant and suitable for use all year-round
  • ANTI-WOBBLE - Featuring a 2” receiver tube to make connection easy, the cargo trailer has anti-wobble technology to reduce noise and rattling during transit
  • DURABLE - The ATV trailer has a durable aluminum frame that has been built to last. It features a raised receiver bar with 5”of additional clearance to help with shock absorption
  • SIDE RAILS - Our aluminum cargo trailer has side rails to tie down your cargo, keeping it safe and secure on rough terrain

Faq’s Based on Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

Although an overloaded cargo carrier isn’t illegal itself, it could violate the law if something goes wrong. If your hitch cargo carrier collapses, the cargo will fall onto the road, potentially damaging other cars or injuring others.

How much is a hitch haul?

For $60, you can’t go wrong, however, I am a bit dismayed at how to lose the Hitch Haul fits in my 2-inch receiver. Very sloppy – the back of the Hitch Haul will sway side to side and up and down greater than an inch.

What is the inside dimension of the GoPlus 60″ x 22″ aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier?

As we all know, GoPlus is undoubtedly one the most trusted brand when it comes to buying cargo carriers. Talking about the inside dimensions of the GoPlus 60″ x 22″ aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier is 60 inches wide by 22 inches high.

Do hitch cargo carriers need lights?

Expert Reply: If the cargo carrier and the cargo loaded on it do not obscure the vehicle tail lights, you do not have to have a light kit installed on the carrier. However, it is still a good idea to get a light kit for safety purposes.

What is the difference between a Class 3 and Class 4 hitch?

The main difference between a Class III hitch and a Class IV hitch is the capacities they set for the hitches. Class III hitches are rated for up to 6,000 lbs GTW with 600 lbs TW whereas Class IV is rated for up to 12,000 lbs GTW and 1,000 TW. For more info on the hitch, classifications check out the link I attached.

How much is an aluminum hitch cargo carrier?

A cargo carrier is made up of a steel frame, aluminum, and some sort of rubber or plastic material to provide the base basically used to carry the things from one place to another. As they are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the application & The most common ones are flatbed, box, and tandem models.

You can get cargo carriers made of metal, fiberglass, or even plastic. Aluminum is considered the best option because it’s lighter than the others and provides better protection against corrosion. With this, the size and the brand for your desired carrier can be selected according to your budget soon further.

Hitch-Mounted Carriers Vs Roof Mounted Carriers


Let’s compare those two options and see why the hitch mount is better, As there are two spots for packing gear outside of the car one is rooftop, and the other is a rear mount.

🏋️‍♀️ Installation

The reason why hitch cargo installation does not make for a top-heavy vehicle is Hitch mounts do not require you to lean up against the vehicle or to load or unload gear over the top of your car that’s why Hitch cargo carriers are quick and easy to put on and take off.

🏋️‍♀️ Aerodynamics

Being mounted on the vehicle, hitch carriers have minimal disruption to the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Using a less aerodynamic roof carrier means that it costs you money in wasted fuel every time you use it.

🏋️‍♀️ Clearance

Rear-mounted carriers won’t have issues clearing parking garages like with a roof-mounted carrier because About half of rear-mount carriers have a raised shank design, which raises the hitch carrier’s bottom to be higher than the hitch receiver. If you need to increase the distance further than the cargo carrier provides, a trailer hitch receiver tube can accomplish this.

🏋️‍♀️ Cleanup

Because almost all hitch-mounted aluminum cargo carriers mesh platforms or support bars for the flooring which allows easy clean-up of dirt, sand, and liquids.

🏋️‍♀️ Storage

Unlike roof-mounted carriers, Hitch mounted cargo carriers are easy to store and take up very little garage space.

🏋️‍♀️ Rooftop vs Rear Mount Conclusion

So here we came to end, from above-mentioned factors one can easily determine that the hitch mounted cargo carriers are the best & to go with.

Methodology: Best Aluminum Cargo Carriers reviews

BRBG team reviewed a number of hitch mounted aluminum cargo carriers with highlights and capacities. We zeroed almost every doubt from the shopping dish of our viewers and buyers.

We tried eight of the top hitch mounted cargo carriers and appraised them for simplicity of capacity, accommodation of use, conveying limit, adaptability, hitch requirements, and security highlights.

Aluminum hitch cargo carriers for cars are available at many trucking retailers. A quick search on the internet will usually yield some great deals. Just make sure to compare prices and brands before making a purchase. Sometimes you will have to drive around for a while before finding what you need.

Safety Tips: Aluminum Hitch Cargo Carrier

Safety should always be a priority, especially when it comes to riding a bicycle or cargo bike in the city. With so much traffic, it’s imperative to keep in mind what is going on around you and that your safety is your responsibility. 

🚷 The hitch should be fitted with a locking ball mount that keeps it firmly in place when you secure it to your vehicle.

🚷 Using proper tools and ensuring that you don’t overload the carrier.

🚷 Load capacity is based on the weight and size of the car being transported.

🚷 The safest way to load a cargo carrier is to use tie-down straps and a load equal to the amount of weight you want to transfer to the carrier.

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